To tick all the boxes 滿足所有的要求 符合所有的標準

When filling in a form, you are often asked to tick some boxes. What happens when you ‘tick all the boxes’ in life? Learn this phrase.
Use this phrase when you meet all the necessary requirements.



在填寫表格時,通常需要在相對應符合條件的方框裡打勾 “tick the box”。表達 “to tick all the boxes” 正由此衍生,用來描述一個人或事物符合所有條件,故 “在所有的框裡都打了勾”。使用時,可以用形容詞性所有格代名詞替換 “to tick all the boxes” 中的 “the”。比如:to tick all my boxes、to tick all your boxes。


I’ve been looking for a new rucksack for ages, but I think I’ve finally found it! This one is perfect, it ticks all my boxes.

I absolutely love my new job! It’s challenging, it’s fun, I like my colleagues and I make good money. It ticks all the boxes!

That applicant’s interview didn’t go so well; it didn’t tick any of my boxes.