Want for nothing 要什麼有什麼

Does this phrase mean you do not want anything? Learn how to use this expression.
What kind of life is this expression used to describe?



表達 “want for nothing” 用來比喻 “擁有一切需要的事物,要什麼有什麼”,形容 “生活富足、舒適”。這裡,動詞 “want” 的意思並不是 “想要”,而是 “需要”。這個說法多用於談論某人在生活上得到了無微不至的照顧,什麼也不缺。


Nigel is a very dedicated son. He makes sure that his elderly mother wants for nothing and that she is very well taken care of.

Even though we were never rich, my parents made sure that my siblings and I wanted for nothing when we were growing up. We were very lucky.

Pluto is the happiest dog I’ve ever met. His owner loves him so much she even gives him roast chicken for dinner! He wants for nothing!

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